Choosing the Perfect Solutions for Voiceover Works

voiceover talents

Be considered a performer. There are those who do it like a hobby and there are those who do it in a professional way. The difference is felt in terms of price but even more so when you listen to it. Being a pro starts with being passionate about this job and then getting trained. There is a lot of school voice and dubbing. The little advice I can give you is to train first in comedy. This will give you an oral fluency, a vocal charisma to be comfortable in any type of work that requires a voice. With the voiceover talents you can be sure of the options.

voiceover talents

Be patient

Before getting into the business and soliciting clients, expect to have a solid foundation. If you decide to practice voiceover at home, expect to have professional quality material and well-tuned. Do not hesitate to ask a sound professional to install and adjust your equipment. Working with good, well-tuned equipment shows your seriousness and professionalism. It’s a way to respect your work and respect your future customers. Familiarize yourself with your material, register fictitious tracks in a maximum of registers. Train: as a sportsman, work is paid for by training. Do not forget we learn every day. Be patient than to find your clientele and once you have found it be patient to satisfy them.

Do not give up your voiceover job

I have a lot of consideration for your work. If you followed tips 1 and 2, you worked hard to exercise voice comedian. Prefer the motto to have few customers to earn more. If you have no idea of ​​the market contact voice actors who are in the profession. There are basic rates for each service depending on the broadcast area. It is important to know your rights. You have to define the price of your work (creation session) according to the type (spot advertising, documentary, e-learning) and a tariff of use (exploitation rights) according to the duration, the support of exploitation and an area of ​​exploitation. Value yourself and the customer will value you. Love yourself, love your voice, love what you do while staying at a modest minimum.

Discuss your voice comedian job

Discussing your job with other colleagues is always good and makes us evolve. Do not see other voice actors as competitors but as colleagues. It is not a question of giving oneself advice but of discussing his experience, of what one feels, of the client who has bothered you. To discuss your profession around you too. Do some sort of practice analysis group. It’s difficult especially when you are a voice actor alone at home. Going out to do sessions outside is also a way to meet other people. In short, do not stay alone in the dark in your cabin. Get out of the shadows ????

Do not get discouraged

This is probably the most difficult thing in this business: Running after the castings, selling to the production studios, redoing the recording for the client, understanding a client who does not know what he wants, work in a hurry because the customer needs his spot within the hour, butter on a word that is unpronounceable and start again 15 times the recording, go in the cabin record a script of one hour while noticing late that we forgot to press rec, to have an extinction of voice, to have a material problem which jokes. Do not be discouraged. Blow a blow, take the air if necessary, take a break, chat with a friend to cheer us up, set up a punching ball in your studio, play a game. In short, relax in your own way and then return.