Energy and Your Choices for the best Now

Power to Choose Energy

Do electricity bills terrify you? Or have you long been for advanced energy-saving technologies? Be that as it may, CHIP talks about how to save energy and pay less for it. With the Power to Choose Energy you can have the best solutions now.

Power to Choose Energy

Install the multi tariff meter

When using a three-tariff meter, electricity at night will cost you several times cheaper

It will be possible to achieve significant savings in money by paying electricity bills by replacing the one-tariff meter installed in most households with two- or three-tariff ones. In this case, at night you will pay for the light several times less than during the day, and at half-peak hours the load on the power grid is up to a quarter less. For example, for a single-rate meter of 1 kWh in Moscow for the urban population costs 4.68 rubles, for a three-tariff meter during peak periods (7: 00–10: 00, 17: 00–21: 00) – 4.92 rubles, in night time (from 23:00 to 07:00) – only 1.26 rubles, and during the half-peak load (10: 00-17: 00 and 21: 00-23: 00) – 4.06 rubles. In Kiev, electricity is 60% cheaper at night than half-peak, and at peak 1.5 times more.

Choose a technique according to your needs

Household power meters will determine how much it will cost to operate a particular electrical appliance. Buy devices of the capacity and volume that you really need. For example, when choosing a refrigerator, calculate its volume based on 50–80 liters per person. Unused space will be constantly cooled, which will result in electricity consumption. Hunters, anglers and garden owners may need up to 100 liters. This rule also applies to other devices, such as washing machines, ovens, etc.

Do not use the standby

Disconnect several household devices at once will help the power strip with a common button-switch. Household appliances and electronics consume electricity even when it is in standby mode. Therefore, after turning off the TV, music center, microwave and other similar electrical appliances, they must be disconnected from the outlet. The same is true for chargers. In order not to bend once again, connect the equipment to the outlet through an extension cord with a power button.

Use economical lamps

LED and energy-saving lamps make it possible to reduce lighting costs by several times. Replace incandescent bulbs with energy-saving or LED bulbs. Although they cost several times more expensive, they consume 4-10 times less power, which allows you to save on paying bills several hundred rubles a year with just one light bulb. Wipe down light fixtures regularly: a clean lamp shines 10% brighter than dust. According to statistics, about 30% of all energy consumed is spent on lighting empty rooms, so turn off the light if it is not needed.

Clean the filters regularly

Timely cleaning of filters not only extends the life of household appliances but also allows you to save on paying bills. A vacuum cleaner with dirty filters and a full dust bag consumes more energy.

In addition, the suction power is lost, as a result of which you have to spend more time cleaning the premises. Therefore, you should regularly clean the filters and change consumables.