What is bluechew?

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Have you ever felt your manly parts are too small and underwhelming?

There are significant discrepancies in male genital size from person to person, and many feel their guy is on the bottom end of the spectrum. It’s an agonizing feeling because there’s no way to get away from it. You’re born like that, and because you pulled out the ‘shortest stick,’ now you are cursed. Pleasing women is possible, but you always feel like she secretly laughs about you with her friends.

It’s not all that hopeless. Despite what you may have heard, there are indeed ways to increase the length and girth of your penis. First of all, there are some exercises that, according to testimonials from various online forums, have helped guys improve the strength and size of their penis. No, these are not the kind where you tie a rope around a brick and hang it off of your dick to lengthen it with the help of gravity. Instead, these exercises involve various massages and movements to strengthen the soft tissue that makes up the penis, as well as the muscles that keep it upright and steady.

Additionally, there are well-known pills such as Viagra that make the penis firm. Perhaps your penis is the appropriate size for the ladies, but due to erectile dysfunction, it can’t reach the maximum strength and size during sexual intercourse. With the help of pills such as Viagra, the blood vessels inside your penis open up to allow more blood to flow through. As we know, the penis contains no bones, so its full strength comes from the blood vessels expanding to let blood, then contracting the vessels to increase pressure and keep the penis strong. In case you have blood pressure problems, such a product may be helpful to you. The third thing to take a look at is neurological issues. Bad innervation to your crotch region can prevent proper erections.

If you’re looking to grow your penis with exercises, you should know this process will take at the very least six months to a year, and according to those same testimonials, full results can take years to show fully. You will also need to keep exercising regularly to prevent your penis shrinking again. An alternative is to use penis-enhancement creams that will stimulate the blood flow and relax the skin of your penis to let it expand in both length and width. It’s much more convenient than exercises, and of course, it’s much more subtle than having to take the blue pills before your sexy time. The cream will also offer you results faster, as their effects are applied directly through the skin and get absorbed instantly. Within weeks you can achieve your first results, and as a pack or bottle will last you that long, with just one purchase, you will be able to tell if the product is right for you. You can check out a reputable cream brand over at: bluechew.