Everything about Research Chemicals

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Research chemicals is a very broad topic and there are a lot of things that you need to know about them. We don’t even know where to start from as there are so many topics that come under this single one. So let us just start with something very basic.

Research chemicals are synthetic substances that can mimic the existing Research Chemicals. They are almost identical to the original chems structurally. However, they are not the same. They are structurally similar but there is a slight difference in them and that makes them different from the original ones. Let us explain to you using an example one atom of the molecular structure is removed or replaced altogether. This simply means that it is not really the same anymore and this leads to a huge difference. Whatever you are considering as a research chemical is just a bit different from the existing chems and that small difference is enough to show some really strong effects.

You should know that a new compound will be having a psychoactive effect. If there is any substance that is structurally similar to another substance then it will be known as chemical analog. For example, Methylone (MDMC) is an analog of MDMA.

Most of the research chemicals are new and psychoactive chemical structures and since they are new, These are also known as designer chems and legal highs. The thing with these components is that they are not well studied hence the real side effects or effects are not known to people or the government and that’s why they are mostly illegal. They can be traded but used illegally.

These chemical compounds have been there since the first bans on psychoactive substances. It was in the 1920s, after the Opium Convention, people came across something which was similar to heroin and morphine. In the 60s people demanded something that can mimic the effect of illicit substances LSD and PCP.

If you are thinking when did this term ‘research chemical’ arise, you don’t have to go back as it is a very new term and it became trendy in the 1990s. Back in the days, the vendors in America thought that it would be easy for them to sell these chemicals with the tag of research chemicals as compounds that are similar to the real chems that were illegal to consume. So they thought that selling a chemical as a chemical for research purposes would be a big help.

But as the authorities became aware of it, the vendors started to come up with new and more creative ways to hide the truth about their selling new psychoactive substances. Let us give some examples of how these chemicals were being sold. The explosion was being sold as an air freshener and also contained methylene. Some people were also selling it as plant food or bath salts. But it was actually the chems mephedrone that is also known as meow meow.

It was in 2004 when the United States’ chems Enforcement Agency launched Operation Web Tryp. This was basically for the task of investigating which websites are selling chem analogs. The reason this operation was launched was because the count of chems consumers was increasing and the government wanted to control it. The chems were being sold at a high rate. However, along with this the number of hospitalisation incidents also increased. In some cases, this also led to fatalities

This operation led to a lot of arrests of many people as they were getting into a vision of police or authority. They also had to serve serious lifetime prison sentences. The court had enough proof against the vendor telling the authorities that vendors knew what they were selling and with what purpose. The people who were the customers of such sites were not prosecuted in the United States. But the DEA was having shared data of the customer database with other countries. Buyers in the UK had to go through a tough time as they were being arrested and prosecuted.

By now you must be thinking that these law enforcement actions such as Operation Web Tryp had only good effects but it is not true as there were some negative consequences as well. Obviously, the fear of getting caught and arrested is there and that’s why the producer of research chemicals are revealing very little information about themselves so that they can be safe and defend themselves. That’s why there is not much information about the professional producers and hence there is not much knowledge about the producer as well as dealers of these substances.

One of the most important prominent names in the world of research chemicals is Alexander Shulgin. He was a chemist and pharmacologist who was responsible for the synthesis of a new synthetic route for MDMA in 1967. He also used this chemical on himself. The chemist was very happy about this experience with MDMA. Hence, he started promoting its usage in a therapeutic setting. Not just this one but he developed a lot of other chemicals as well like synthetic mescaline and 2C-B. One interesting part of his Research chemical development was that he would experiment with these research chemicals on his wife and friends. How do we know about it? He has mentioned his experiments in the books PiHKAL, TiHKAL and The Shulgin Index.

After looking at the history of these research chemicals, one thing is clear and that is the term research chemical is only used temporarily. Until there is not much information about the substance. The time when Shulgin came out with MDMA it was a research chemical because nobody knew about it. But today this won’t be considered as a research chemical.

These were some of the things that you need to know about research chemicals. This subject has a lot of topics to be covered but this would take hours and hours. There are some sites like lizard labs site that are selling research chemicals. You can buy these chemicals for various purposes.