How to Properly Start an Adult Blog?

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We prepared a short article for all of you who are ready to jump into the adult blogging business. Nowadays, everyone wants to have a blog. They think it’s a quick way to get money on the side by writing or creating content, but that’s not the whole story.

While a blog is easy to set up and get going, there are many steps to successfully monetizing it and making money from it consistently. This is especially true for blogs themed around adult topics, such as casinos, gambling, and niches of sexual nature. Before you even get started with adult blogging, you should have in mind a monetization strategy.

Also, make sure that the strategy you are working up to is legal in your area. Just because you have a blog somewhere out there on the internet, maybe even hosted offshore, doesn’t mean you can avoid domestic laws, especially if you intend to make a living from it.

With that out of the way, let’s get started with setting up our blog. There are a few simple steps every blog needs to go through.

  1. Get Hosting

Hosting is essentially the server that will keep your blog up and running and will save all the data on it. You should go for a reputable hosting company that has a track record of 99% uptime, good customer support, and high-quality speed.

If you’re unsure of which package to go with, as the price can greatly vary between different packages, most hosting companies will have dedicated live customer support that will point you in the right direction and answer any questions you may have. According to your needs, and the size of the website you plan on building, they will give you a proper recommendation.

2. Pick a Domain and a Theme

A domain is the name of your website in the URL bar. You can usually get a deal to register a domain and get hosting discounted with the same service provider. Once your hosting and domain are out of the way, you’re gonna want to select a platform and theme. We recommend going with WordPress as its the easiest to set up and customize down the road. You can browse the WordPress store for free and paid themes that will fit your site afterward.

  1. Set up The Pillar Content

Your pillar content, also known as cornerstone content, is the main content your visitors will read once they reach your site. It may be a long guide or an informative blog post with links to your other smaller posts. Your cornerstone content is usually the content you will invest most time into, and not only into writing it, but also developing SEO for it and even purchasing online ads.

  1. Monetization

Once everything is live, and your pillar content is in place, with some promotion of your blog you will start seeing incremental increases in traffic. Promotion of your website is a long topic which we will also cover, but in short, link to your blog in relevant places, create backlinks, cross-promote on social media and on other blogs, etc. You can find additional tips and monetization guides over at, a blog dedicated to helping users start adult niche blogs.

When it comes to monetization, your best bet is often affiliate marketing. You can sign up for an affiliate program that involves adult offers, such as pay-per-signup for cam sites, or casinos. You will want to place your affiliate links seamlessly into your posts, and also add banners to the side of your blog or the article. Hopefully, with time, more and more people will be interested in clicking your affiliate links and checking out the offer you’re promoting.
Once they start signing up, you will start making money.

From then on, you should look to scale up what you’re doing with more posts, more traffic, and consequently higher earnings.

We hope our article was helpful in your journey. Check out more of our content!