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A motorhome means a motorized vehicle with space for residential use. The practice of the motorhome increasing, the number of areas reserved for this type of caravan is more and more widespread. From Priory rentals you can have the best deal now.

The definition of a motorhome

A motorhome is a habitable motor vehicle. It can also bear the name of the motorhome, since according to the French town planning code. the motorhome is considered a caravan, although it is self-towed.

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There are five types of the motorhome, each with its own shape and layout. Thus, there are integral motorhomes, the driving cabin part is integrated with the living part, profiled motorhomes favoring aerodynamics, nasturtium motorhomes they offer sleeping space at the above the driver’s cabin, motorhomes with removable cells living space placed on the back of a pick-up like a house on stilts and fitted vans, or vans, made famous thanks to the Volkswagen Combi.

Most motorhomes include all the amenities necessary for residential use: dining area and kitchen, heating and air conditioning, toilets, beds, shower, etc.

Motorhomes and parking

In this country, the parking of motorhomes is regulated. Parking on the public highway is possible at the parking spaces when no camping accessory is installed. In some municipalities, specific parking areas for motorhomes are also provided, allowing water and electricity supply, emptying of wastewater and toilets, etc. A motorhome is a motor vehicle fitted out as a dwelling, generally used for holidays. Onboard there is at least: a bed, a small kitchen area and in most cases a bathroom.

If you came from the planet Mars and you needed to learn a lot very quickly about this golden tourist destination that is the blue planet, what should you know about the motorhome? Well, let’s start by saying that a motorhome has a steering wheel, an engine, four wheels but sometimes six, that it can move, that one can sleep, cook, and eat in it. And very often, take a shower and do your business.

The motorhome, a vehicle

Also called a motorhome especially in French-speaking Canada, or motorhome especially in Belgium, the motorhome does not meet a legal definition. No law or mention on the registration card defines the motorhome, even if certain regulations and certain court decisions refer to the vehicle for residential use. On its registration card, the motorhome meets the M1 category i.e. the transport of people, such as cars.

A motor vehicle

Unlike the caravan, which is towed in the back of an automobile, the motorhome has its own engine. The assembly composed of the engine and the chassis is called carrier. In most cases, this carrier is a chassis for a light commercial vehicle. But it also happens that we use the entire utility to design vans and vans, buses, minibusses or trucks. Do not confuse the make of the carrier and that of the motorhome.

Where the motorhome sleeps

The motorhome can park like a car. All it needs is to occupy an authorized location. And its owners have the right to sleep indoors. Even at night. On the other hand, wild camping is prohibited on public roads. When do we start camping? When removing accessories awning, folding chairs, wedges, etc. Motorhomes then stay on camping sites, or on motorhome reception areas, which are specially equipped for motorhomes.