Sous Vide Vs Crock Pot: How to Choose the Best One

sous vide cooking

In today’s world, there are many methods using which you can cook your food. Everyone has their own preferences. But usually, the restaurants use the sous vide cooking method. Whereas households mostly use crockpots. The reason restaurants prefer sous vide cooking is that they are able to get the same quality and taste every time due to being able to control the temperature and duration of the cooking. Whereas households use crock pots cause they are inexpensive and don’t require any other material for cooking unlike sous vide which requires plastic pouches or glass jars.

Which method should you use for cooking?

Both the methods have different benefits and you should choose accordingly as per your requirements. The reason why sous vide wasn’t famous in households earlier was that they were very expensive, but nowadays the machines have become affordable and are gaining popularity among households due to the restaurant-style quality and taste.

Sous Vide

In Sous vide cooking the food is sealed in a plastic bag and dipped inside the water. This allows for every part of the food to be cooked slowly and properly. You also get the same taste every time you cook the food because you are able to control the temperature and duration. This is one of the biggest reasons why this method is famous. Also, the machine holds the temperature of the food at your set degree once it reaches that temperature. Some of the advantages are the ability to maintain the same taste and quality, temperature controls, waste reduction and doesn’t require your constant attention.

Crock Pots

In this method, the food is cooked at low temperatures for long durations. The food is mostly heated from the bottom and it also allows the food to be heated from around the pot. Crockpot is a type of slow cooker. Advantages of crock pots are water wastage is minimal, the food doesn’t get burnt due to it being cooked at very low temperatures, very low loss of nutrients and moisture of the food and option to cook various foods using it.

sous vide cooking

I hope the above comparison between sous vide and crock pots has made it clear on which method you would love to use for cooking. If you have the budget then you can think clearly between choosing both the methods. But if you have a limited budget then crockpots would be the only option for you as they are not that expensive in comparison to sous vide. Although with the high price sous vide does allow you to control the temperature at which to cook and the quality and taste of your food as per your liking. So it’s not like you are paying extra just because something is famous or for its brand name. When it comes to crock pots they have been quite popular among the American households for a few decades now due to them being inexpensive and giving the ability to cook various kinds of food. Although sous vide has now started to become popular among them as they are affordable now. In the end it all comes down to your preference and your budget.