T-Shirt Printing And Its Types

T-Shirts bedrucken

In recent days t-shirts became a trend. It became a great tool to advertise a product or company or brand.  There are many kinds of t-shirt. T-shirt printing is a huge process before but technology development makes it easier. How technology has improved is the t-shirt can be printed at home.  There are many new technological improvements.  Let us take a look at its method. T-shirt printing is called as T-Shirts bedrucken

Method for printing T-shirt:

According to the design, the printing method differs.  The two familiar methods are heat press and screen printing.  And some other methods do follows.

T-Shirts bedrucken

Screen printing:

Screen printing is one of the traditional and ancient methods. But it is still popular over years.  It is used to print the image or designs on the cloth or accessories.  Screen printing is designing on the fabric by using manmade fabric links. It is popular for its high-quality look.  Screen printing has numerous benefits.  If one needs the print to be bold and bright the screen printing is the right method.  Screen printing is helpful to do for large quantity orders. The biggest flaws are, it needs a high setup cost.  It has only limited colors to use.

Dye sublimation:

Dye sublimation is beneficial for complex design.  This method needs a special liquid type of dye.  First of all the dye liquid should be applied to the transfer paper. After it dries, apply heat and pressure for the sublimation.  This method is completely different from screen printing.  In this process, the fabric is dyed directly it is not printed rather.  The colors can be seen in it.  It is suitable for unlimited colors and patterns.  It lasts along.  It also has some flaws like it doesn’t work for light fabric.  It cannot be utilized in small quantities.

Heat press printing:

It is just similar to dye, sublimation with minor differences.  This is suitable for testing designs.  This method suits smaller quantities.  The spectrum of color can be used.  The processes are very simple.  Firstly, the design is printed non-transfer paper, then apply heat and pressure should reflect on the t-shirt.  Then the transfer paper is removed.  At last strip off the excess dye.  It is the simplest method and economical method.  It takes much time to print and cannot be used for thermosensitive clothes.

Hand Printing and airbrushing:

This method is considered the oldest form.  It is mainly dependent on the creative level of a person.  Here, you can paint or spray the fabrics on the t-shirt.  This is a direct method of application.  Unlimited designs are created.  It is simply inexpensive can be done only for low designs. With modern technologies, one can experience many designs and explore creativity.

Viny cutting:

The main focus is the cutting process, as the name suggests.  This can be used for both small are large quantities.  Viny cutting t-shirts are used in the sports industry.  By CAD cutter the design is tailored then the heat press method is applied to transfers it as the shirt.  This method is an alternative for screen printing.  Helps to produce large quantities.  The flaw is it reduces the flexibility of the t-shirt can be used for small designs only.