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The home page is the page with the most authority, regardless of the website. It is therefore essential to use it intelligently. That said, you will have to be very selective about the internal links used on this page.

You will, therefore, make sure to link only the most important pages of your site from your home page in order to distribute the maximum of authority to these pages. From nicotine salts to everything, you need it all now.

Create Deep Links

To ensure optimal indexing of your website, you should try to build deep links as soon as you have the opportunity. Building links pointing to deeper pages helps Google or other search engines discover those pages to start sending more traffic to them.

Using Silo Architecture for Optimal Relevance

  • There are different types of architecture, as explained in this article on how to build an internal mesh.
  • You need to structure your internal networking strategy to help your users, of course.
  • However, this does not mean that it is prohibited to also satisfy the search engines.
  • To meet these two expectations, you can simultaneously create a silo structure.

Concretely, a silo structure is a group of pages all having a strong coherence between them from a content point of view, and being linked to each other.

This network thus creates a high level of relevance which will have the impact of boosting the visibility of each of the pages concerned.

Here is an example:

Internal mesh diagram

The main idea of silo architecture is to decompose the main article (long parent article) into several smaller and more specialized articles.

These articles will not only drain organic traffic thanks to their good visibility for long-tail keywords (because specific subject) but also to strengthen the authority of the parent article.

Leave Links in Follow

Your internal links should always be in DoFollow. The only links for which you should add the NoFollow attribute are affiliate links or links located in the “comment” section of your blog. Even when you want to eradicate duplicate content, use “no-index” and keep “follow” as an attribute.

Open your Links in a New Window / New Tab

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Personally, as soon as we create a link, we have it open in a new tab using the attribute “target = _blank”.

We really think that it deeply reduces the user experience when you read an article and you want to click on a link to check additional information and you lose the thread because the target page opens in the same window. Indeed, you must return to the previous page and look for the place where you were. We, therefore, recommend always setting each link with an opening in a new tab.

In particular for a link pointing to an external resource/page because you must prevent the visitor from leaving your site!

ALT attribute = Link Anchor

In this case, do not forget to enter the correct keyword in the alt attribute of your image so that it precisely reflects the keyword of the target page. Google considers the ALT attribute to be an image link anchor.

Avoid Coding Errors

  • Your internal links must always be in HTML.
  • Avoid links in JavaScript or those hidden in Flash (avoid Flash anyway).
  • Spider robots cannot index these kinds of links.

If they cannot index them, then the authority of your site will be negatively impacted, as well as its indexing.