Wear masks and be free from any deadly disease

hospital mask

Surgical masks are useful for the doctors and nurses, and that is made up of plastic, the most used thing in the manufacturing process of these surgical masks is polypropylene which is used for the protection and filtering purpose. The mask is just simple cloth and is available in the medical shops in different styles and levels based on the requirement of the people.

Uses of surgical mask:

The hospital mask is used by the doctors and nurses while doing operations as it avoids the microorganisms that come out of the nose and mouth of the operator and infecting the patients. One needs to be aware of the levels of the masks he chooses depending on his situation, the four levels of surgical masks are minimum defense from the germs, level one, two and three masks are in use, the least level protection masks have been used for short time works which don’t include spray or fluid.

hospital mask

Levels of medical masks:

And the next level of masks has been used for the procedural claims and surgical applications general normal which have a liquid confrontation of eighty mmHg. It has been used for low-risk circumstances where there is no need for spray or fluid. The next level masks are used with one hundred and twenty mmHg liquid confrontation that gives a barrier in contradiction of reasonable spray, fluid, and aerosol. And the further level of the mask has been used for all the highest possible revelation to spray, fluid, and aerosol which has one hundred and sixty fluid confrontations.

We need to know that the surgical respirators and surgical masks are not the same, the masks are manufactured to prevent the dampness from the sneeze and they are free to the face and to sieve out the above-ground particles like bacteria and viruses by creating a seal about the nose and mouth, the ventilators need to be used whenever the patients have virus-related particles or any infections and also whenever the gas is present in the room.

Procedural masks:

Procedural masks and medical masks are not the same as the previous one is used only in the clean circumstances in the infirmaries including maternity and intensive care units but are not permitted to use in the germ-free environments like operating area. During this time of the pandemic, these masks have been widely used by the people to prevent them from the deadly virus Covid-19 and many guidelines have been given about the usage of masks that are

All the healthcare staffs need to use masks and the patients who have symptoms need to cover their nose and mouth with the masks. Masks have no expiry date so we can use it until they get damaged. When a person wears the mask for a long time at the time of seeing many patients he needs to change the mask if it is damaged or soiled and problematic to breathe over. Those who wear the mask should not touch the external layer of the mask. After coming out of the area of patients only he is permitted to remove the masks because removing it inside the patients’ area may cause infection for both the patient and the staff.